Just Doing My Do – I’m Worth It!

photographer. Laura Marques

Photographer-Laura Marques.

Just Me, Doing My Do.

We all have a story or two to tell about our lives.

Some parts we love to share with memories of happiness and some stories we’d rather not repeat out loud or in our own hearts and mind.

Little did I realise, wherever I went, whatever I did, whoever I met, they meet My Story. Not the truth of who I was but the story I was taught I was.

It goes something like this… Hello, my name is My Story. Then basically everything is based on this one belief.

I Am Not Enough! I Am Not Enough! I Am Not Enough!

You get the gist of it. Well trained in the art of I am not enoughness!

Growing up, I didn’t realise I had pushed the repeat button on My Story and it stayed stuck for years!

No stopping and definitely no forwarding button. Just rewind and repeat!

This is my place of being just Me, and sharing the journey of changing My Story 🙂

I have learned it all begins with my own thoughts. This was a new concept. And one I desired to explore more into.


Wake up and Do Your Do.

Regardless of the story we tell ourselves, it is absolutely possible to change the story that’s on repeat. We may not even know we are telling a false story from false information.

We have just believed the lies and nurtured them and made them grow.

Instead of a beautiful, colourful arrangements of fragrant flowers, we had grown unwanted, lifeless bunch of weeds!

We don’t know what we don’t know!

It’s all part of the learning, growing and awakening.


We have a choice!

Once we do awaken, then we are empowered to making choices. Conscious choices.

Now the fun begins 🙂

Observe our thinking. Decide to replace any old thoughts that we no longer need or benefit us or continue as things are.

We have the choice!

For me now, I have chosen to tidy up My Story. Plant some beautiful seeds of loving self and others, forgiving and letting go, and ready to Wake Up and Do My Do 🙂

Change My Story


I have had an amazing journey thus far. Learning, growing, expanding my awareness and changing the story I tell myself.

My hope is to encourage You to rewrite your story. Rewrite it in a way that makes you feel good about You.

Be gentle on yourself.

You have travelled life with these thoughts, beliefs, feelings (Your Story) for a lifetime, Up until Now.

One thought at a time.

One belief at a time.

One step at a time.

Be Free to Be You.

Explore the passions of Your heart.

Explore the truth of who You are.

Explore the gifts within Yourself.

By “Just Doing Your Do” you allow the story to rewrite itself.


Years later.

Years later, still learning, still discovering, still falling and still getting back up.

This learning is for a lifetime. We never graduate.

However, we do succeed every step of the way just by uncovering old thought patterns.

By choosing to change them if we desire.

By being okay with where we are at, in any given moment, and continue to explore.

The most amazing journey of our lives is the one that takes us within ourselves and makes us feel alive and passionate.

To be able to bring our own unique gifts to the table of life.

To Me, that is Me Doing My Do!

About Me

Hello everyone,

My name is Diane.

I am a mother of 4 very strong minded young ladies. Ages range from 13 – 35 years old. Growing up, we were taught to be quiet and not say a word. I admire my daughters as they did not adopt this teaching and speak quite openly and freely 🙂

I am learning to do the same now. It’s part of my new story that I have chosen to tell. Need plenty of practice but I’m okay with that.

Life has taught me that all we really want in life is to be Happy. And I have adopted that as my life’s motto

“Find Your Happy,

Stay in Your Happy”

Happiness looks different for everyone but I am sure that the feeling of happiness is the same. That is all I want to explore in my lifetime. How to find it, how to keep it, how to share it and how to spread it around.

So this is my journey. A great start to sharing Happy is through this website. My hope is you can be encouraged to find Your Happy. 🙂




Di 🙂