Plus size, plus You, equals HOT!!!

Plus size + You = HOT!

Let’s face it, when we step into our new clothing, we feel Hot! We look in the mirror and go DAM! You look GOOOOOD!!! And everywhere we go or everyone we meet, we are putting our best foot forward. Confidence is oozing out, and so it should! You’re looking DAM fine and be proud of it! You are sending out good feeling vibes and people are feeling it. In that moment, they want to feel just as good as you do πŸ™‚


Now I am very passionate about people loving themselves, exactly as they are. Whether we are too tall, too short, too round, too skinny, blah blah blah. The list goes on and on. You know the list I’m talking about. The list that tells you, you are not good enough! The well-trained part of us that tells you, you need to change your looks, your shape, your weight your blah blah blah!






Now in my opinion, the real word for this is Judgment. You are being judged by society, strangers, family, friends and worst of all, YOURSELF!!! You have to fit in a labeled box or come under a category for others to feel comfortable in themselves. Being different, makes people uncomfortable! There are many topics that can be discussed but today I’m all about the beautiful community of plus size men and women. Even that is a label and I apologize.


Outer Wear.

Clothing needs You! Without you its just a pile of material. Might be beautiful expensive material, crafted from the best of the best, but it needs You! By you wearing them, you bring it to life. You give it shape and style. You make it stand out in a crowd.

We choose clothes to suits our personality, our individuality, our moods, our style or by price tag. Some like bright colours, others like pastel shades. Some like to be seen and others try to get lost in the crowd. Just do your do! It’s not about anybody else except You. So dress up however you desire. Wear the clothing the makes your Beingness Stand Out.

Be Beautiful! Be You!


Your Inner Wear.

Now this is my favourite part. As much as it does matter how we clothe ourselves on the outside, I want to talk more about dressing up the inner being πŸ™‚ Oh yeah!

Let’s say you have well stocked inner shop. Let’s call this shop ‘Just Be Beautiful’. Whatever you need is in this inner shop. Its open 24/7 just for you. Everything is totally free and of high quality. Everything fits perfectly. Everything!

What would you stock in your Just Be Beautiful shop?

What would you like to clothe your inner being with?

With the inner wear of your choosing, how do you feel now?

What would you see when you look in the mirror?

Do you know the smallest part of you is the physical part. We are much much more. Like the tip of the iceberg, you only see the tip but underneath is huge.

Dress the inner and the outer is a reflection. The difference is when you feel happy inside, when you feel appreciation for Self, when you love every part of yourself, your outer is not an issue because you are beaming high energy vibes that light up your presence. Your here and now. You have inner peace. Inner love. Inner clarity. Inner alignment. Mind, body and soul are all in harmony. Now tell me that ain’t BEAUTIFUL!

Stop playing small! Stop allowing outside thoughts or even inner thoughts take away the Beautiful You that is!

Just like you choose what clothing you will wear for the day or night, well you can choose the same for inner wear. There is and only will ever be one of you! Make the most of You.

Why not be the brightest star that you are?

Why not let that high vibration reach out and touch the lives of others?

Experiencing this journey of life is something to get excited about. To attract others who are stepping up for Self and letting their light shine too. Bring it on! To have a whole community opening up their inner shops and wearing the highest quality of inner wear.

Ahhhh now that feels like Magic πŸ™‚


‘Just Be Beautiful’ shop.

Plus size +YOU = HOT! HOT! HOT!


What you clothe your outer with is temporary. What you clothe your inner being with is Peace, Joy and Love.

So Your shop is open for you, whenever you need to clothe yourself with maybe love, appreciation, clarity, peace or whatever it is you choose.

Your shop. You stock the shelves. You pick the colours and styles. Grab your trolley… Let’s go shopping πŸ™‚





Freedom! Soar to your own inner heights.



A little seven letter word. A dynamic word that can change lives.

How can these arranged letters possibly change my life?




What does it mean to You?

It means different things to different people.

The lady in the above picture. What do think she is feeling about her freedom?

Can you put yourself there? How would you feel?


She looks so relaxed. Taking in the awe-inspiring view. No doubt feelings of appreciation and maybe aware of how small we are in comparison to mother earth’s creative art.

I’m afraid, I am not that brave! My insides are turning over just looking at where she is sitting!

I agree, it is a spectacular view! But I would be way at the back where I can see the ground solidly under me lol

For others, freedom might mean to put a parachute on and jump off the ledge. And that feeling of soaring would be their moment of freedom!

Its different for everyone.

Today I would love to share Freedom through my eyes.



To me the inner heights are just as scary as sitting on that ledge, maybe even a little more.

I have lived a life of being afraid. Afraid to speak up. Afraid to say no. Afraid of not being accepted or acceptable. Afraid of not being liked. Afraid to just be Me!

There has always been that sweet little voice within that knows I am enough but I would quickly shut it out, and choose not to listen, just out of feeling unworthiness. Afraid! Afraid! Afraid! It’s so exhausting!

Our minds are such a powerful tool. It is remarkable how we teach it to view something a certain way and then over time it becomes a belief and others believe it too and somehow that made it truth!

Fear to even dare to think I could possibly be a worthy person that people would enjoy being around. The mind would go” What are you thinking! You will only get hurt again! You can’t trust anyone! Stop kidding yourself!”

So It is easy to see why I would back off a hundred miles and stay where I am. Too afraid to move. It appeared easier.



The chains of fear must be released!

When I think of chains, I think of restriction, binding, held back, not able to move, despair, sadness and also anger, frustration, the complete opposite of freedom.

I unknowingly chained myself to beliefs that have restricted my enjoyment of life, of living a full and happy life. Of soaring from my inner height.

I did this! Yes, I may not have had an environment that was nurturing and safe as a child but I can now make some new choices and create a different experience.

It hasn’t been an easy transition. These chains now are pretty rusty and old. Needs a bit of work to release it. But you know what, I’m going to walk towards that ledge, because I really want to have that whole experience and view.

My first step toward the ledge. Heart pumping mighty fast and hands and legs are shaking. Breathe… This is going to take a while lol

Second step, it seems a hundred miles away. Doubt is now creeping in. Oh c’mon I have only taken two steps! Thoughts of just stopping and turning back enters my mind. “No harm done, you haven’t come far. Turn back!” Determination kicks in. 3, 4, 5 steps. I think my heart is going to beat right out of my body. I am so scared right now. Whole body is shaking and tears are now welling up in my eyes. A militant voice is speaking loudly now, “What are you doing? You can’t do this? Who are you trying to impress? Nobody cares?” Tears flowing down my cheeks, doubt flooding my mind. These rusty chains are relentless.

Somewhere within I faintly heard, “You can do this. Everything is okay.”

From somewhere I drew up some courage. Sweaty palms, feeling I can’t breathe, I continued my quest. As I moved closer to my triumph, I could now see over the sides and straight down to the greenish blue water flowing. Oh no! Paralysed I just stared at the water and froze. Heart stopped. Terror had entered my moment of triumph. I knew this was a breaking point. I could go back. I had done very well to get this far. But then the thoughts of, you have come this far so might as well go all the way. Paralysed. Frozen in time. What the heck am I going to do?

Feeling quite light-headed and balance was shaky, I slowly dropped to my knees and decided to crawl the rest of the way. Yes the desire to cross the finishing line was stronger and determination took over, so here I am on my knees moving toward my prize. Freedom! Freedom of overcoming this paralysing fear. I was done with being so afraid.

I crawled my way right to the ledge and looked out. Ahhh… What a sight! It was everything and more. My heart stopped at the exquisiteness of what my eyes were beholding. Magnificent colours came out to greet me. Sights that soothed my heart. I was totally present in the moment. A perfect moment of acceptance of all that is, including myself.

A big sigh of relief. I did it! A smile that felt like the whole world had joined me in my nowness. No more shaking. No more tears. Just awestruck! That feeling is my idea of Freedom

To be there in that moment, feeling at peace and connected with all of life. No resistance. No mind chattering. No doubts. No expectations. Pure inner peace. My mind, body and soul are in complete alignment.



Freedom comes from within.

I could have stayed on the bank and never reached the ledge. No judgment.

I could have turned back halfway. Again no judgment.

I could have gone all the way and had the most amazing experience of my life.

Stop judging the doing and appreciate the Being. Just Be You.

Whether you sit on the bank or move forward, you have to be okay with your choice. Maybe try another day. Maybe you can choose one baby step every day toward your goal. Every time you step forward for yourself, you break an old rusty chain. It’s all success. It’s all progress Don’t compare to another. Some can run, some a steady pace, some of us may have to crawl and some just not ready yet. Freedom is accepting All of you wherever you may be.

At the end of the day, be okay with You and all your Beingness.





Be good to You.

Just Do You. No one else!

Be your amazing, incredible self and Soar to Your own inner heights.


Di πŸ™‚







Are we broken? Do we need fixing?



I’m gonna go out on a limb here and ask…

Are we broken? Do we need fixing?

Are we like this teddy bear? Worn out and of no use?

We have had many people tell us for so long that we don’t measure up. That we are not good enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, clever enough, rich enough, worthy enough.

What do you think? Are they right?

Are we measuring up?

Measure up to who?

Measure up to what?







Who gets to set the bar?

Who gets to do the measuring?

How can anyone measure another?

Why do we even need to be measured?


We are not the same.

We are not the same. Nor would we ever want to be.

I cannot be measured by you and your beliefs, dreams, experiences and you cannot be measured by mine.

Our lives are completely different.



One size does not fit all!

Each and every person is their own uniqueness. A rare gem that will never ever be seen again. A one of a kind beauty that makes this world the magnificent Art that it is.


Stop judging!

When we stop judging another for their differences, maybe, just maybe, we allow our lives to be enhanced.

Enough of shutting down a persons’s light. Blackening it, to the point they can’t even remember their own worth. How can we possibly benefit from that? And of course that includes ourselves as well.

So that brings me back to the question.

Are we broken? Do we need fixing?

Have we allowed ourselves to be dictated to. Have we allowed the words and actions from others to become our beliefs? To be controlled by judgmental beliefs of another. To believe in their judgements instead of working it out for ourselves. To listen to our own intelligence.


You matter!

You don’t need anyone to tell You how to be. Just choose to be.

Choose to be here. Decide to be whatever you want to be and go for it!

Start appreciating You!

Find ways every day to remind yourself of what is good in You. You know them! How you feel matters. What you think about yourself, totally matters.

Don’t leave it up to others to do it for you. Don’t wait on someone else’s schedule to fit you in. Don’t wait on others to tell you that you matter and you are worthy.

Do it yourself! You are with you 24/7. What better person can do it better than you can?

This quote from Sara Henderson says it all

“Don’t wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel. Stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself

Stop beating yourself up for past/ present choices. Stop comparing yourself to someone else, what they have, what they do or be.

Just stop!

Remember, You matter too! Stop believing others know better than you do. They are not You therefore they cannot know you better. Trust in yourself. Trust in your own inner voice. That most beautiful voice within, knows you, knows your rhythm, knows your unique beat, knows your special tune. Work it girlfriend!!!

Break that measuring stick!

Break that dam measuring stick!

Don’t measure yourself! Feel your heart beating for You. You are here for a reason. Not to be a follower but to become a leader of your own self. You are not here on this amazing Earth, to be SOMEONE ELSE!

You are not broken! And you don’t need fixing!

You just need to be loved, cared for, accepted exactly as you are, by Yourself first.


My own journey.

I haven’t got all the answers for myself. I’m learning as I go. But I am ready! I am ready to stand up and rise within myself.

To no longer shut myself down because of a seed of belief planted a long time ago that I was not good enough. It is no longer needed. And replace it with whatever you want. You are the carer of You. You decide what seeds you plant now. You decide what is best for you.

When you rise up. You uplift the world!

That’s how important you are!

That’s how precious you are!

That’s how beautiful you are!

Don’t let anyone tell you any different.


One last time!

And so I ask you one last time


Well that’s a big hell NO from me!

Your answer is your choice.

Be brilliant! Be You! Be the leader of yourself! Be happy!

I leave you with this quote from Bert Lance

“If it ain’t broke. Don’t fix it”

Thoughts today…Story tomorrow.

How many thoughts a day do we have?

Researchers say there are approximately 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day!

That’s a lot of thoughts. What a shame we’re not getting paid for every thought we have!

Photo byΒ Marco XuΒ onΒ Unsplash


Whether we know the correct number or not it definitely is showing us we think lots of thoughts daily.

According to some researchers 98% of our thoughts are exactly the same as the day before.

Talk about creatures of habit!

Thoughts today… Story tomorrow. Our thoughts today are creating our experience tomorrow. Same thoughts lead to same experience. This is definitely worth looking into a bit more.

If I’m going to be taking 98% of my thoughts today into tomorrow, then I better become aware of what thoughts I’m carrying around with me. Everywhere I go… So do my thoughts!

Are they helpful thoughts?

Do they uplift or tear down? (myself included)

Are these the thoughts I want to be experiencing tomorrow?

Do I want to hang out with these thoughts?

Do I need to entertain these thoughts or can I let them go?

So many questions come up. No doubt you have your own questions that come up too.

For me, knowing this information now has made me realise how important it is that I am aware of what thoughts I am thinking. If the thoughts make me feel happy and content then by all means continue, for they will be coming with me tomorrow.

If they are not, then well done, they are no longer running on autopilot. You are now aware of it and can make a conscious choice to keep it or let it go. Just know though, whatever you choose, will be going with you

We all are faced with that choice daily.

We are all leading in the same direction… To be happy.



Our happiness may look different from others but the feeling is very much the same.


I believe it is worth my attention to watch my thoughts for today, for they are my experiences tomorrow.

Thoughts today… Story tomorrow.


Di πŸ™‚