Courage is…Accepting ALL of YOU!

Courage is… Accepting ALL of YOU!

What does that mean?

It means over a span of 50 years I have made many mistakes ( and I’m sure I’m not done yet haha) I have made some very bad choices and decisions that not only hurt others but also hurt myself, (getting a bit better at this ), my point is, life experiences have taught me what makes me happy, truly happy, and what does not. I am learning to fine tune my happy. What I have experienced so far, is no1 lesson – unless you can accept all of you, the good, the bad the ugly, unless you can accept all of your experiences in life, you will never be able to move forward. You will always be stuck in the hurt and pain of experiences from the past.


You need to find a way to forgive yourself first, forgive others and let it all go. I know it is easier said than done. But all of this is for your benefit. When you do, it opens up space within you, to allow new and wonderful experiences to enter into your present moment.

Life is about learning, growing, fine-tuning every day. We will always be learning. We will always be growing. We will always be fine-tuning our happy.

Get excited about this! Every day, we are alive, we get to have a fresh start., to have another go. Woohoo!


Resistance to Venom!

While we are fine-tuning our happy place, there are things to be aware of.

The Honey Badger is named the most fearless animal.

This animal does not back down, ever! Regardless of the size of its foe, or how many in number or how dangerous or poisonous, it just never gives up.

Venom of a snake can kill but when the Honey Badger gets bit by a poisonous snake, he is out for a couple of hours, gets back up and continues where he left off.

People’s words attack like venom to your soul.

You can’t do it! You’re too dumb! You’re too fat! You’re too ugly! You’re too useless! And that oh so familiar overused word, You are a failure!

Beware! Words do pierce your inner self, so while learning to get to know yourself, never let other people’s opinions of you, become your opinion of yourself. Be courageous and choose what you accept in and what you reject out. You get that choice every day. Don’t let people’s words drown you in untruths.

Remember those spitting venom, are the source of the venom within. Hurt people, Hurt people. We don’t know what they are going through. It’s obviously not a happy place they are coming from if they feel the need to attack. It can be a place of fear.

Watch what words we use. We are responsible for those.

And just like the Honey Badger, if you do get knocked down by words of others or from your own thoughts, be okay with yourself, just get up and carry on.

It takes courage to get back up! It takes courage to never give up!

But do it! Do it for You! You are worth it!


Get Uncomfortable!

We all want adventurous, exciting, fulfilling and meaningful lives. We may be at different levels and paces but exciting lives, all the same.

Then we need to get UNCOMFORTABLE!

It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone.

It takes courage to get out there and learn something completely new.

It takes courage to be Your authentic self.

It takes courage to stare your foe in the eye and say ” I Am Me and I am okay with that!”

I am very uncomfortable now, writing my perceptions and feelings and then publishing them for all to see. I am uncomfortable how people will receive it.

But I tell you what! I am also excited, I am passionate, I am enthusiastic. It feels meaningful and it is fulfilling a dream. It is adventurous to go into the unknown.

So Get Uncomfortable!

It is worth it! You are worth it!

And the bonus of this is, I am learning more about my own inner roar. I expand in my own growth, every time, for what I believe in and learning what I am capable of. How will we ever know how far we can go if we don’t push the boundaries?

Courage is making choices that bring You out more.

Courage is not to retaliate but being compassionate.

Courage is not blaming or judging others (this includes yourself) but taking responsibility for your own thoughts, words and actions. There will always be those that misbehave in one form or another. Don’t lower yourself to their vibe. Raise them to yours!

Courage is being Uncomfortable and still choosing to be the best You can Be.


Be Gentle On You.

Being courageous doesn’t always mean a lion’s roar. It can also mean that soft inner voice that says it is okay. Keep trying. Keep getting up. You are getting stronger at this more each day. Well done. You are doing well.

You know the kind of self talk. The talk that uplifts your spirit. The one that lifts the smile on your face. It may not have gone the way you wanted but you are smiling because you did your best and you moved a step closer to You. Tomorrows another day and another fresh new start. Rewrite your story.

Focus on your strengths, Focus on what makes you happy. Never give up on yourself. Stand strong for your values. Those are Your values. They matter! You will sleep more peacefully.

Also remember though, that others too will be standing up for what they believe in as well. Don’t make them wrong so you can be right or vice versa. Each of us are on our own journey of self discovery. We are all going at our own pace. We are all coming from our own place of awareness. It’s not a race. It just is.

If the world could do just one thing for themselves and that is to be gentle on themselves. We would certainly be living in a completely different world. It is very empowering and the best of you can finally unfold when not smothered over with harsh judgmental thoughts.


You Get One Shot!

It doesn’t matter how long you have been on this earth.

What matters is You get one shot to live it! You get this opportunity to Be the best of You. To make a difference in your life first, and this will overflow into the lives of many around you. You can influence so many lives just by being You.

No one compares to You! You are the only You ever!

One Shot!

One You!

One Decision!

Take the lion stance! Be of courage and accept all of You.

Mine is “Just Doing My Do”


What is Yours?


Bring it on!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Your comments are more than welcome 🙂

That’s Enough Daughter!

That’s Enough Daughter!

These words were from my mother, after she passed. They changed my life.

You are not going to survive!

The doctor told our mother “You are not going to survive this.”

WHAT! I knew she wasn’t well but What! Questioning what I just heard, “Did I hear right?”

My world just shattered into a million pieces. I knew what I heard but couldn’t comprehend the magnitude of it. Total denial! Am I having a bad dream?

All of a sudden I had a nose bleed and it was gushing out. Grabbing the tissue after tissue wondering what the heck is going on? I don’t get nose bleeds! My minds translation of what had been said was completely a foreign language, that I didn’t understand.

While I was having this inner battle, they started moving our mother to another room, set her up and made her comfortable, basically for her final moments.


Shut Down!

I then shut down emotionally, because we needed to contact friends and family. Physically present and functioning but really no one was home. I didn’t even know where home was anymore, home was our mother. You can’t take our mother!

You never think about not having your loved ones around, and if you do, it doesn’t last because they are right there. Our mother was going to live forever! We always joked about that because she was so strong and capable.

Our mother was a warrior her whole life. It just didn’t compute! I just couldn’t make sense of anything. How do you make sense of that?

Being the eldest child I felt obligated to keep it together and be strong (just like my mama)Well I wasn’t! So empty inside, so emotionless. I had lost myself in an uncontrollable downward spiral and kept falling into endlessness.

How does anyone get through such an experience?


Our Mother passed.

Our mother passed away two years today!

If there ever is a feeling of a broken heart, mine broke that day! That pain is like no other pain I had ever experienced. I had never lost anyone that close to me before. There was no solid ground to keep me stable. I’m going to lose my grip.

The foundation of my whole life, is gone. I don’t think those words registered “She’s gone” Even though I am looking at our mother laying there, it just didn’t seem real.

I don’t remember much of that following year. Managed a great job of faking a smile. Well at least I believed so. I’m pretty sure I didn’t fool anyone but it was the best I could come up with at the time.


You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

Its true. You don’t know what you have til it’s gone. Well, I got a hard lesson in this. No longer could I go visit her. No longer will she be there to smooth the path. No longer there!

After a year, of aimlessly enduring daily living, trying to take care of my family and working, I clearly heard my mother say ” That’s Enough Daughter! Now Go be the Best you can Be!”

She was right! I had been moping around, drenched in self-pity, angry, not really interested in anything or anybody. Smorgasbord of emotions all dished up on my plate! And it was not palatable at all!


Decision time.

I think I got a brain cell back in that moment lol From that day forward, I decided to take my mother’s advice. I worked on the good memories of my journey with this amazing lady. She was far from perfect, but who is, but she was my Mama!

She had many strengths. Her generosity was abundant. One of the most generous ladies I know. Her work ethic was work hard and give 100%, be honest and be punctual.

But her love for her family and friends was limitless. She is our Queen. She is our Matriarch. She is a Warrior. She is our Mama.


If You are listening Mama…

I miss you. I miss you so much. It has been a real challenge without you. I miss visiting you and you make everything better. I am even missing the growlings when I am stubborn. 🙂 Still stubborn by the way haha

You had a powerful presence of love in your physical but it is mightier now. We may be still a little messed up but it’s okay because we will pull through.

I’m doing much better now mama, actually I am doing great! I heard your words and I’m Doing my Do 🙂 I’m gathering my shattered pieces back together slowly but surely. My heart is beating more happier sounds these days. Hearing those words”That’s enough daughter,” from you, changed my life. Thank you, Mama.

You lead by example and I will continue your teachings. Not perfectly but the best that I can.

Just love each other were the last words I heard her say.

It is an honour to have you as our mother.

It is an honour to have you as a friend.

It is an honour to be your daughter.

Thank you for instilling in us, values, strengths, and a strong presence of love.

Soar high Ma. You are free.

Thank you for Being You.

Thank you for being my Mama.

I love you xxx

Ask and it is given cards Review

Ask and it is Given cards.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

(The teachings of Abraham)

A friend just used the phrase Words connect Worlds!

What we speak and write. They either connect or disconnect our worlds. I choose to connect our worlds and share upliftment.


If you are reading this, there is a reason. You are choosing to connect too 🙂

These cards I have found, they have helped me to first connect with my inner self and then to my outer world with much more love, clarity and appreciation.

It’s a 60 card pack. You can enjoy the bite size daily upliftment 🙂 60 days of positive, self loving, awakening gems. If you want to partake of the whole pie, then it comes in book form too.

I have been applying the Teachings of Abraham for over 10 years and have travelled my inner world full of hope, excitement and clarity. My intent is that you will discover the Beautiful You within too 🙂

The point is, it connects You to You, and then in your whole beingness, You connect to your world around you.

These words connect worlds.


You are welcome to leave words that connect worlds for you below 🙂

Many thanks 🙂