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Hello everyone,

My name is Diane.

I am a mother of 4 very strong minded young ladies. Ages range from 13 – 35 years old. Growing up, we were taught to be quiet and not say a word. I admire my daughters as they did not adopt this teaching and speak quite openly and freely 🙂

I am learning to do the same now. It’s part of my new story that I have chosen to tell. Need plenty of practice but I’m okay with that.

Life has taught me that all we really want in life is to be Happy. And I have adopted that as my life’s motto

“Find Your Happy,

Stay in Your Happy”

Happiness looks different for everyone but I am sure that the feeling of happiness is the same. That is all I want to explore in my lifetime. How to find it, how to keep it, how to share it and how to spread it around.

So this is my journey. A great start to sharing Happy is through this website. My hope is you can be encouraged to find Your Happy. 🙂




Di 🙂


16 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello Di
    Thankyou for sharing, I so loved your story, and understood the meaning, to Just do you. It’s an amazing motto quite correct, one would have no trouble following.

    It’s like learning all over again, but concentrating on thy self, releasing all that has held one back from expressing ones truths and desires. Doing you and only you is the best thing one can ever do for thy self.

    We are amazing, powerful beings witnessing a new dawn of the awakening. Liberating others on our journey to enlightenment, through our positive vibrational frequencies. (Just Doing You) will do that.

    I am so pleased and honored that another has awoken from the illusion and is on a journey of self discovery, It is an amazing journey indeed, there is nothing that one cannot overcome, trials and tests are inevitable (one must face) a challenge of courage from your soul

    I congratulate you for taking steps to your endeavors action and Manifesting.
    Well done Di


    1. Thank you Shari for sharing such amazing truths. Going by your comment, we obviously are in the same mindset. I love meeting likeminded people such as yourself.
      Its as if you already know and live “Just Doing My Do” 😉
      Thank you so much for dropping in and leaving a beautiful vibration.
      Many thanks.

    2. What beautiful words my Luvly.
      Thank you for noticing the story line hasn’t changed. I may have jumped off path a few times, only to get back on path again. Maybe I just stay on it now lol
      We have had some crazy chapter additions, along the way. Some fun, some not so much. Added spice to the journey of life 🙂
      But today is a new day, and a new chapter begins…Just Doing My Do!
      Just Do You my Luvly, because You are Fabulous!!!
      Love sparkles coming at ya 🙂
      Namaste xxxx

  2. Hi Diane ..
    Wairua Tuahine ..

    Spirit Sister , Thankyou for Sharing your story with many of us .. This resonates so much to me .. This is a Beautiful Page ..

    This has made me feel uplifted and motivated ..
    Again .. Thankyou ..

    Very inspiring ..

    Aroha Ake
    Much Love ..

    Donna Langkilde ..

    1. Thank you so much Donna for your beautiful comment.
      I’m so happy it resonates with you. That means a lot.
      I just want to be the best me I can be, and no longer wish to stay in the shadows hiding my light.
      This is only the beginning…
      Many thanks to you Spirit Sister (I love that!)
      Much love and appreciation.
      Nammaste 🙂

  3. Just awesome my Luvlee! Ive followed your story for many years and its been amazing to have shared time with you. The storyline is still the same…the desire to share love and acceptance… sure, the font may change from time to time with a few new chapters added and rewritten, twists and turns in this story we call life. Nailing it my heart sister! You have always inspired me to keep writing my new story and not give in to the old mindset “I Cant”…love you my Luvlee keep doing you 💖

  4. Awesome work ! Love it <3 you really have come soo far mama and I'm so proud of you! Keep going mama you doing amazing xxx

  5. I don’t know where to start this comment. You know that sometimes we see something when we really need it. I really needed your blog today.

    It felt like you were speaking directly to me, to my insides. Sorry if that sounds odd. Not intended. I can’t do justice to your post. I don’t have the words. Everyone could use this.

    Can I ask a question?

    1. Not odd at all Paul. The fact that you connected to my words is more than enough for me. You have no idea how great I feel right now.
      Thank you so much. Words not needed, I felt them 🙂
      Now who’s being odd lol

      Questions welcomed 🙂

      Di 🙂

        1. You know Paul, I have waited my whole life for a platform like WA, to be able to express who I really feel within. I think I have only scratched the surface.
          Now that I’m here, I have no idea what to do lol
          Do you have any suggestions?
          This is what I am inspired to do but had no thought of direction. Just figured I will work it out along the way 🙂

          1. I think you have the right idea. Just do you. If I gave you an idea you might go in a direction that you wouldn’t naturally go. I bet it will come to you as you develop this blog.
            Little by little, you know?

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