Plus size, plus You, equals HOT!!!

Plus size + You = HOT!

Let’s face it, when we step into our new clothing, we feel Hot! We look in the mirror and go DAM! You look GOOOOOD!!! And everywhere we go or everyone we meet, we are putting our best foot forward. Confidence is oozing out, and so it should! You’re looking DAM fine and be proud of it! You are sending out good feeling vibes and people are feeling it. In that moment, they want to feel just as good as you do 🙂


Now I am very passionate about people loving themselves, exactly as they are. Whether we are too tall, too short, too round, too skinny, blah blah blah. The list goes on and on. You know the list I’m talking about. The list that tells you, you are not good enough! The well-trained part of us that tells you, you need to change your looks, your shape, your weight your blah blah blah!






Now in my opinion, the real word for this is Judgment. You are being judged by society, strangers, family, friends and worst of all, YOURSELF!!! You have to fit in a labeled box or come under a category for others to feel comfortable in themselves. Being different, makes people uncomfortable! There are many topics that can be discussed but today I’m all about the beautiful community of plus size men and women. Even that is a label and I apologize.


Outer Wear.

Clothing needs You! Without you its just a pile of material. Might be beautiful expensive material, crafted from the best of the best, but it needs You! By you wearing them, you bring it to life. You give it shape and style. You make it stand out in a crowd.

We choose clothes to suits our personality, our individuality, our moods, our style or by price tag. Some like bright colours, others like pastel shades. Some like to be seen and others try to get lost in the crowd. Just do your do! It’s not about anybody else except You. So dress up however you desire. Wear the clothing the makes your Beingness Stand Out.

Be Beautiful! Be You!


Your Inner Wear.

Now this is my favourite part. As much as it does matter how we clothe ourselves on the outside, I want to talk more about dressing up the inner being 🙂 Oh yeah!

Let’s say you have well stocked inner shop. Let’s call this shop ‘Just Be Beautiful’. Whatever you need is in this inner shop. Its open 24/7 just for you. Everything is totally free and of high quality. Everything fits perfectly. Everything!

What would you stock in your Just Be Beautiful shop?

What would you like to clothe your inner being with?

With the inner wear of your choosing, how do you feel now?

What would you see when you look in the mirror?

Do you know the smallest part of you is the physical part. We are much much more. Like the tip of the iceberg, you only see the tip but underneath is huge.

Dress the inner and the outer is a reflection. The difference is when you feel happy inside, when you feel appreciation for Self, when you love every part of yourself, your outer is not an issue because you are beaming high energy vibes that light up your presence. Your here and now. You have inner peace. Inner love. Inner clarity. Inner alignment. Mind, body and soul are all in harmony. Now tell me that ain’t BEAUTIFUL!

Stop playing small! Stop allowing outside thoughts or even inner thoughts take away the Beautiful You that is!

Just like you choose what clothing you will wear for the day or night, well you can choose the same for inner wear. There is and only will ever be one of you! Make the most of You.

Why not be the brightest star that you are?

Why not let that high vibration reach out and touch the lives of others?

Experiencing this journey of life is something to get excited about. To attract others who are stepping up for Self and letting their light shine too. Bring it on! To have a whole community opening up their inner shops and wearing the highest quality of inner wear.

Ahhhh now that feels like Magic 🙂


‘Just Be Beautiful’ shop.

Plus size +YOU = HOT! HOT! HOT!


What you clothe your outer with is temporary. What you clothe your inner being with is Peace, Joy and Love.

So Your shop is open for you, whenever you need to clothe yourself with maybe love, appreciation, clarity, peace or whatever it is you choose.

Your shop. You stock the shelves. You pick the colours and styles. Grab your trolley… Let’s go shopping 🙂





2 thoughts on “Plus size, plus You, equals HOT!!!”

  1. Love love this article. The honest truth about how we look at ourselves.
    It took me a very long time to accept me, just the way I am. Once I did that, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. So much freedom in loving yourself and embracing all of you.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Yes I can relate too Patty.
      I hear too many people putting themselves down over outer appearance and they are so beautiful inside. I do believe too that once we love all of ourselves, the weight no longer needs to be there and it will fall away 🙂
      I am passionate about bringing out the beautiful inner to the outer. This website is my small way of making a difference.
      I appreciate you and your kind comments.
      Much appreciated:)

      Di 🙂

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